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5 Ways to Coordinate Jewellery with Black Dress

5 Ways to Coordinate Jewellery with Black Dress

Luxury, humility, power, formality, mystery, elegance, sophistication and even fear and evil are some emotions and qualities associated with a black colour dress. Black sends out very mixed messages. The black colour dress is a staple of every woman’s wardrobe while some can be seen picking a black outfit every time they go shopping. Having been a fashion classic for decades, a black dress can be worn to any occasion – from party to funeral. A lucky feature with a black outfit is that it goes perfectly with any colour accessories and jewellery. And when it comes to jewellery the choices in artificial jewellery space such as american diamond necklace sets, pearl sets, enamel jewellery give you so many options to experiment with your look.

A black dress, when complemented with a piece of suitable jewellery, spells out elegance and sophistication. Depending on the occasion, you can mix-match your jewellery appropriately with a black dress.

Here are a few ways to coordinate your jewellery perfectly with a black dress.

  1. According to the neckline.

To get the most out of your jewellery, always consider the neckline of your dress while pairing a necklace. Check out here how to perfectly pair a necklace according to the neckline of your outfit. Here is a quick guide for you to pair your necklace perfectly with your neckline.

2. According to Occasion

    A black dress is a versatile piece of clothing and can take you through a casual party to a formal meeting. Here is where jewellery plays its part. With the right type of jewellery, you can effortlessly look stunning for any occasion.

    For casual occasions, like a birthday party or a family gathering, you can dress down a black dress with some funky and casual jewellery like Magical Hues Pendant Set. You can pair the pendant and the earrings together or separately, it will cheer up the outfit.

    3. Colors

      The best part of a black dress is that it can be paired with any color accessory without putting much thoughts into it. However, try to match all the accessories in one color and not look like a rainbow.

      You can go with some white or grey pearl jewellery, multi-color stone jewellery or even sober enamel jewellery. Check out Cleopatra Necklace Set with multi-color crystals or Romeo Enamel Black Stud Earrings.

      4. According to your body type

      Body type is another important attribute to be considered while pairing a black dress.

      If you’re curvy, choose jewellery that complements rather than that accentuates your body type. Go for larger, standout pieces like statement Necklace or large earrings. Statement necklace shifts attention from your bust to your neck. If you have a small neck, do not cover it with large or overpowering necklaces. Go for a minimal sleek chain pendant or no neck piece at all. Complete your look with cute dainty earrings or bracelet instead. Long Necklaces gives you an elongated look and makes you look long. If you’re short, go for long necklaces with a black dress.

      5. Pearls

      Pearls have a classic relation with the black dress. It is a combination that has been in fashion for decades and seems to go way into the future.

      Pearl jewellery effortlessly go with any type of black dress and can be worn to any occasion. Pearl jewellery are statement pieces that look the most and elegant and sophisticated with a black dress.

      Pick a royal pearl necklace and earring set or just pair your black dress with a pearl bracelet, you are most certain to look confident and classy.

      The best thing about a black dress is its versatility. You can have fun with the dress alone or look astonishingly stunning by putting some imagination into your look and pairing it with jewellery and accessories. Mix-match it or go for a classy monotone or dual-tone look just consider the above-mentioned properties for a flawless and clean look.